Crisis Mangement

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Crisis - "an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs whose outcome will make a decisive difference for better or worse."                                       Websters Dictionary  

Now more than ever a Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plan is crucial to your business. The CMP Group is an experienced Crisis Management and Security firm that will pinpoint your specific needs and devise a plan that will fully prepare and protect you if an unexpected occurrence should impact your organization.

Given their complexity and importance, Disaster Recovery Plans should be given high-level attention within an organization. The security and safety of each employee is a key priority, impacting all areas of business operations. Having a strategic plan in place will increase peace of mind on a day-to-day basis and provide greater sense of control should disaster strike.

Crisis Management
Managerial pre-planning and contingency   plans
Preparation of a detailed management guide
Corporate strategic communications counseling
Legal implications and strategies
Technology concerns
Media contacts and public affairs
Training exercises

Risk Management
Identify any potential risk
Impact (business, operational, financial, technology)
Areas: Eliminate risk, reduce risk and manage risk
Management acceptance
Implementation of plan

Consequence Management
Continuity Planning
Emergency Management

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