Event Security

Your Security is Our Business™

When planning an event, the safety and security of all attendees must be given top priority.

The CMP Group will work with you to evaluate the specific needs of your event and determine the best security and operational plan. We will coordinate all aspects of your security and provide personnel for any type of event worldwide. Once the CMP Group is involved, you can rest assured that all details will be handled in a professional and thorough manner.

The CMP Group's staff is comprised of former law enforcement personnel and protection experts experienced in personal protection and event security. To provide maximum security, we employ a former New York City Bomb Squad Detective. If needed, we will deploy an Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) trained to sniff out explosives.

All events are unique and will be assessed individually. Based on the parameters of your event, a dedicated team of experts will be assigned. The CMP Group will provide you with increased peace of mind knowing that your guests will be safe and secure.

Event Security consulting
Event Security management and advance
Security survey of venue
Threat assessment
Bio-chemical precaution
Electronic access control and verification
Attendance credentials and identification
Electronic event monitoring
Communications command post
V.I.P. restricted areas
Package and bag monitoring and searches
Preparation for medical emergencies
Perimeter security
Barriers and rope line preparation
Press and Paparazzi control
Crowd control
Emergency evacuation plan and procedures

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