Security Consulting

Your Security is Our Business

Given the instability of the current global climate, it is critical that companies make security and protection a top priority for both the organization and all high-level executives.

 Analysis of security procedures
  Emergency procedures and contingency plans
  Biochemical precautions and procedures
  Explosive device training and procedures
  Mailroom or delivery procedures
  Site Surveys and building protection


  Hardening the potential target
  Entrance and exit procedures
  Anti-Terrorism preparations and   precautions
  Threat Assessment
  Eavesdropping & Surveillance equipment detection
  Surveillance & security systems
   (Commercial & Residential)
Background employment checks
Identity theft protection
Intellectual property protection
Quality Control evaluations
Staff / Employee integrity tests


Client based businesses
Commercial establishments
Cleaning / Construction
Restaurants, Hotels, etc.
Investigations (Criminal / Civil)
Internet surveillance
  (employees, nannies, etc.)
Lectures, training and seminars

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